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Cat Ballou (1965) - Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou

Actor: Fonda, Jane
Character: Cat Ballou
Movie: Cat Ballou
Year: 1965
Plot Summary: Cat(herine) Ballou's family farm is being threatened by the Rail Road. She sends for Kid Shelleen, finding him to be the drunkest gunfighter in the west. When her father is killed by the rail road magnate's gunman, she vows to fight on. Shelleen manages to ride sideways in several scenes, while minstrels sing the ballad of Cat Ballou in between scenes.

Cat Ballou (1965) - Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou - IMDb

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Barbarella (1968) - Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Actor: Fonda, Jane
Character: Barbarella
Movie: Barbarella
Year: 1968
Plot Summary: In the distant future, astronaut Barbarella has been assigned by the President of Earth to rescue renowned scientist Durand Durand, who vanished in the Tau Ceti region. Durand Durand has invented the Positronic Ray, a powerful weapon that Earth leaders fear will fall into the wrong hands. Barbarella crash lands on the frozen planet Lythion and is rescued by the catchman Mark Hand from an attack of dangerous dolls with razor teeth. Barbarella rewards him with sex and Mark informs her that Durand Durand should be in the City of Night, Sogo. Barbarella begins a dangerous journey to save Earth from the evil Durand Durand, who prepares to crown himself lord of Sogo. On her perilous (and quite sexy) journey, she teams with the blind angel Pygar, and battles the Black Queen along with various sexual torture devices.

Barbarella (1968) - Jane Fonda as Barbarella - IMDb