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The Avengers (TV Series 1961–1969) - Honor Blackman

Actor: Blackman, Honor
Character: Catherine Gale
Movie: The Avengers
Year: 1962
Plot Summary: John Steed works for British Intelligence and works with various partners, notably: Ian Hendry (series one), Cathy Gale (series two and three), Emma Peel (series four and five), and Tara King (series six). The problems he finds are always a bit odd, just on the edge of science fiction (Cyborg killers, a city built under a disused coal mine, a gang put together for adrenaline junkies, and a killer who uses a concentrated cold virus to kill his victims by having them sneeze to death). Steed is always the ultimate in culture and grace as he saves the world each week.

The Avengers (TV Series 1961–1969) - Honor Blackman as Catherine Gale - IMDb