Barbara Bach

Barbara Bach was one of the most sought-after faces of the 1960s, both for modeling and film (one of the Bond girls).  She is an intelligent, powerful actress who has been in many movies featuring her character with a gun!  She portrays several strong and empowered heroines that went the extra mile to fight for what they wanted or believed in.   Her gun carrying characters are ones that inspire courage and confidence, and while often looked defeated, were motivated to fight harder and succeed.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

A shipping magnate, Karl Stromberg, has employed two brilliant scientists to develop a submarine tracking system to find and hijack British & Soviet submarines.  Once they vanish while on routine maneuvers, Bond is called into action with his Soviet counterpart, Major Anya Amasova to avert World War 3, which Stromberg is hoping to start.