Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress is an intelligent, powerful actress who has been in many movies featuring her character with a gun!  She portrays several strong and empowered heroines that went the extra mile to fight for what they wanted or believed in.   Her gun carrying characters are ones that inspire courage and confidence, and while often looked defeated, were motivated to fight harder, and succeed.

4 for Texas (1963)

In the 1870s, two rival businessmen are on a stagecoach heading to Galveston, Texas.  They must team together to protect $100,000 from an outlaw trying to rob the stagecoach.  Later, in Galveston, the two rivals fight in a bid to open a waterfront casino. Each finds a new romantic partner, and eventually must join forces to hold off a corrupt banker to keep their new gambling boat afloat.