Sigourney Weaver

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Sigourney Weaver is an American actress who has had a successful career in film, television, and theater. Born Susan Alexandra Weaver in 1949 in New York City, she adopted her stage name "Sigourney" after a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby".

Weaver is best known for her iconic role as Ellen Ripley in the "Alien" film franchise, which earned her critical acclaim and helped to establish her as one of the most prominent actresses in the sci-fi genre. She has also starred in a wide range of other notable movies, including "Ghostbusters", "Gorillas in the Mist", "Working Girl", "Avatar", and "The Cabin in the Woods".

Over the course of her career, Weaver has been nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Actress for her role in "Gorillas in the Mist". She has also won several other awards and honors, including a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway play "Hurlyburly".

In addition to her work in film and theater, Weaver has also made notable appearances on television, including a recurring role in the Netflix series "The Defenders" and a lead role in the USA Network series "Political Animals".

Weaver is known for her strong and intelligent characters, and her willingness to take on challenging and unconventional roles. She has been an influential figure in the entertainment industry, paving the way for other strong and independent female characters in film and television.