Database of Women Using Guns in Movies

Welcome to the database of women using guns in movies. Browse our collection and if you have any submissions that we may add to our vast collection please reach out.

Chicks with Guns Movies Story

In 1992, I purchased four 8x10 movie still photos featuring beautiful women with guns. My basement wall became nicknamed by friends as the "Chicks with Guns" collection, and I began to slowly procure new movie stills. Now, the collection has grown to over 300 photos, and I decided it is time to share with a larger group. There are a number of other great sites that highlight women and guns (see Related Links). However, we offer a unique experience by using true movie still photos in our galleries.

We house galleries of movie stills featuring girls who love guns and are featured in movies with them. We have categorized our collection by movie and actress giving you information on each from public resources. Please reach out to us so we can continue adding to the collection.