Anna Poliatova

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In the movie "Anna," Sasha Luss portrays the character of Anna Poliatova, the titular character and protagonist of the film. Anna is a complex and skilled assassin who becomes embroiled in a world of espionage and danger.

Anna Poliatova is initially introduced as a young Russian woman working as a model in Paris. However, her modeling career serves as a cover for her real profession as a highly trained assassin. Anna is recruited by the KGB and becomes a skilled operative, using her beauty and charm to gain access to targets before executing them with precision and efficiency.

Throughout the film, Anna's character goes through a journey of self-discovery, facing numerous challenges and conflicts. She becomes entangled in a dangerous game between intelligence agencies, including the KGB and the CIA. As the narrative unfolds, secrets and betrayals are revealed, and Anna must navigate a complex web of relationships and allegiances.

Anna is portrayed as a strong, independent, and intelligent character who excels in combat and strategic thinking. She possesses exceptional physical abilities and is skilled in martial arts and weaponry. Anna's transformation from a seemingly innocent model to a lethal assassin drives the film's action and suspense.

Sasha Luss brings a blend of vulnerability and strength to the character of Anna. She conveys the internal conflicts and emotional depth of the character, highlighting Anna's struggle to maintain her identity and navigate the dangerous world she inhabits.

As the story progresses, Anna's loyalty, resilience, and survival instincts are put to the test. The film explores themes of identity, trust, and personal agency as Anna confronts the consequences of her actions and seeks to take control of her own destiny.

In "Anna," the character of Anna Poliatova serves as the central focus of the film, driving the plot forward with her complex backstory, exceptional skills, and emotional journey.