Ava Crowder

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Ava Crowder is a major character in the television series "Justified". She is portrayed by American actress Joelle Carter. Ava is introduced in the show's first season as the ex-wife of Boyd Crowder, a charismatic criminal who runs a local white supremacist organization in rural Kentucky.

Ava is initially depicted as a victim of domestic abuse, having suffered physical and emotional harm at the hands of Boyd. However, after shooting and killing a man who was attacking her, Ava becomes involved with Raylan Givens, a US Marshal who is also her former romantic interest.

Throughout the series, Ava struggles to break free from Boyd's influence and the criminal world that surrounds her. She is also forced to navigate her complicated relationship with Raylan, who is torn between his duty as a lawman and his feelings for her.

As the series progresses, Ava becomes more embroiled in the criminal underworld, eventually becoming a full-fledged member of Boyd's organization. She is also faced with difficult moral dilemmas, including betraying those she cares about in order to survive.

Ava is known for her resilience and determination, as well as her ability to adapt to difficult situations. She is a complex and multidimensional character, whose journey throughout the series is marked by both triumphs and tragedies.