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Barbarella is the main character and protagonist in the 1968 science-fiction film of the same name. She is portrayed by Jane Fonda.

Barbarella is a young, beautiful space adventurer from the 41st century who is sent on a mission by the president of Earth to find the missing scientist, Durand Durand. Throughout her journey, she encounters a variety of strange and exotic creatures, including a blind angel and a group of evil robots.

Barbarella is a strong and capable heroine who uses her intelligence, charm, and sexuality to overcome obstacles and defeat her enemies. She is known for her iconic outfits, including a revealing space suit and a fur-lined bikini, and for her open and adventurous attitude towards sexuality.

Despite being a symbol of female empowerment in some ways, Barbarella has also been criticized for her sexualized portrayal and for reinforcing gender stereotypes. However, the film is still considered a cult classic and has had a lasting influence on science fiction and pop culture.