Desdemona is a fictional character in the 2013 film "Machete Kills." She is played by actress Sofia Vergara, and is a major supporting character in the film.

Desdemona is a powerful and wealthy businesswoman who is involved in the arms trade, and who is working with the film's main antagonist, the arms dealer Luther Voz (played by Mel Gibson). Desdemona is depicted as a seductive and cunning character, who uses her beauty and charm to get what she wants.

Throughout the course of the film, Desdemona is a major thorn in Machete's side, as he tries to take down Luther Voz and stop his evil plans. Despite her villainous motivations, however, Desdemona is portrayed as a complex and compelling character, who is more than just a simple villain.

In the film, Desdemona is depicted as a stylish and glamorous character, and Sofia Vergara's performance is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the film. She brings a sense of fun and energy to the film, and her scenes with Danny Trejo are among the most entertaining in the film.

Overall, Desdemona is an important and memorable character in "Machete Kills," and is a testament to Sofia Vergara's versatility and range as an actress. Whether she's playing a villain or a hero, Vergara is always able to bring a unique and captivating energy to her roles, and her performance as Desdemona is no exception.