Elizabeth "Libby" Holden

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Daryl Hannah played the character of Dr. Elizabeth "Libby" Holden in the movie "Diplomatic Siege". She was a medical doctor who worked at the American embassy in a fictional Latin American country where the film takes place.

After the embassy is seized by a group of terrorists, Libby becomes one of the hostages. She is initially held hostage along with the U.S. ambassador, played by Tom Berenger, but is later separated from the group and held captive by the terrorists.

Throughout the film, Libby plays a key role in the plot as she is the only person who can provide medical care to the injured hostages. She uses her skills and knowledge to help both the hostages and the Marines sent in to rescue them.

Despite being held captive, Libby remains strong and resourceful throughout the film. She develops a close relationship with the Marine team leader, played by Peter Weller, and works with him to devise a plan to free the hostages.

Hannah's performance as Libby was praised by critics, who noted her portrayal of a resilient and determined character who uses her medical expertise to help others.