Ellen is the main character in the 1995 western film "The Quick and the Dead". She is portrayed by actress Sharon Stone. Ellen is a mysterious stranger who arrives in the town of Redemption with a hidden past and a deadly talent for quick-draw gunfighting.

Throughout the film, Ellen takes part in a dangerous gunfighting tournament organized by the town's corrupt leader, Herod, in an attempt to win enough money to start a new life. However, as the tournament progresses, Ellen finds herself embroiled in a series of dangerous shootouts and battles against skilled gunslingers, as well as facing off against Herod and his minions.

Ellen is depicted as a strong, independent, and resourceful woman who is determined to win the tournament and escape her past. She is known for her quick reflexes and deadly accuracy with a gun, as well as her cunning and intelligence. Throughout the film, she proves herself to be a formidable opponent, and a woman who is not afraid to take risks in order to achieve her goals.

In addition to her skills as a gunfighter, Ellen is also a complex and multi-layered character, with a troubled past that haunts her and drives her to succeed. She is depicted as a woman of mystery and depth, who is both respected and feared by those around her. Ellen's character is central to the film, and her story serves as the backbone of the action and suspense in "The Quick and the Dead".