Evelyn Salt

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Evelyn Salt, played by Angelina Jolie, is the main character in the 2010 action-thriller movie "Salt". She is a highly skilled CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian sleeper agent, and goes on the run to try to clear her name and protect her husband.

At the beginning of the movie, Salt is introduced as a highly trained CIA officer, who is being interrogated by North Korean agents. Later, she is accused by a Russian defector of being a sleeper agent, and the plot thickens as she tries to prove her innocence.

Throughout the movie, Salt is shown to be an intelligent, resourceful, and highly skilled operative, with a wide range of physical and mental abilities. She uses her training and knowledge to evade capture and engage in a series of high-octane action sequences, including car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and gunfights.

As the story progresses, Salt's true identity and motivations are gradually revealed, and the audience is left to question whether she is a hero or a villain. Her relationship with her husband, a German arachnologist, is also an important aspect of the story, and adds a human element to the character.

Overall, Salt is a complex and dynamic character, who is both physically and mentally tough, and is not afraid to take risks to achieve her goals. Her intense and driven personality, as well as her impressive combat skills, make her a compelling protagonist, and help to make "Salt" a thrilling and action-packed movie.