In the 1987 film "Dudes," Jessie is a young woman who is the love interest of the main character Grant, played by Jon Cryer. She is portrayed by actress Catherine Mary Stewart.

Jessie is a spirited and independent woman who works as a musician in Los Angeles. She meets Grant and his friend Biscuit when they arrive in L.A. seeking revenge for the murder of their friend. Despite their rough exterior, Jessie is drawn to Grant's sensitive and caring nature and the two begin a romantic relationship.

Throughout the film, Jessie helps the trio navigate the dangers of the city, including run-ins with violent rednecks and a corrupt police officer. She also supports Grant as he deals with the trauma of losing his friend.

Despite her limited screen time, Jessie is a strong and memorable character in "Dudes." She is portrayed as a confident and capable woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. Her relationship with Grant is a central plot point in the film and provides an emotional anchor for the story.