In the movie "Deadfall," Liza is one of the main characters and is played by Olivia Wilde. She is the younger sister of Addison (played by Eric Bana) and the two are on the run after a casino heist goes wrong. Liza is a troubled young woman who has a history of drug abuse and a tumultuous relationship with her brother.

After the heist, Liza and Addison become separated and Liza ends up stranded in the cold Canadian wilderness. She is eventually taken in by a former boxer turned sheriff named Becker (played by Terrence Howard), who offers her shelter and protection. Liza is initially guarded and distant, but she begins to develop a romantic relationship with Becker as she stays with him.

Throughout the movie, Liza struggles with her past and the choices she has made. She also deals with conflicting emotions as she becomes more attached to Becker while still feeling a loyalty to her brother. Liza's character is complex and nuanced, and Olivia Wilde delivers a strong performance, conveying the character's inner turmoil and vulnerability.