Louise Sawyer (left) is one of the two main characters in the 1991 film "Thelma & Louise." The character is played by actress Susan Sarandon and is known for being tough, independent, and fiercely loyal to her friend Thelma (played by Geena Davis).

Louise is a waitress in a small-town diner in Arkansas, where she lives a somewhat stagnant life. She is initially hesitant to join Thelma on a road trip to escape their mundane lives, but ultimately agrees to go with her.

Throughout the film, Louise is shown to be resourceful and quick-witted, often coming up with solutions to the problems that she and Thelma encounter along the way. She is also fiercely protective of Thelma, especially after they are forced to go on the run from the law.

As the film progresses, Louise becomes increasingly disillusioned with the way that women are treated in society, and she becomes more and more committed to taking control of her own life. This culminates in the famous ending of the film, where Louise and Thelma drive off a cliff rather than surrendering to the police.

Overall, Louise is a complex and compelling character who represents a strong and independent woman that refuses to be defined by the limitations that society places on her.