Maggie is a character in the movie "Escape from New York," played by actress Adrienne Barbeau. Maggie is a tough-as-nails prison inmate who is a member of the group of prisoners that accompanies Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell) on his mission to rescue the President of the United States from the maximum-security prison that is Manhattan Island.

Maggie is a skilled fighter and weapons expert, and she forms a bond with Snake throughout their mission. She initially clashes with Snake due to their conflicting personalities, but eventually, the two become allies as they work together to complete their mission and escape from the dangerous environment of the prison.

Maggie is a memorable character in the movie, known for her toughness, no-nonsense attitude, and her iconic line, "I don't give a f*** about your war... or your president." Her character adds to the overall gritty and dark atmosphere of the film and provides a strong female presence in a male-dominated cast.