Mallory Knox is a character played by Juliette Lewis in the movie "Natural Born Killers". Mallory is one half of a young couple, along with her boyfriend Mickey Knox, who embark on a violent crime spree across the American southwest.

Mallory is portrayed as a troubled and complex character, with a history of abuse and trauma that has led her to embrace a life of violence and rebellion. Despite her penchant for killing, Mallory is also depicted as vulnerable and sympathetic, with a deep love for Mickey and a desire to escape the cycle of abuse and violence that has defined her life.

Throughout the film, Mallory is pursued by a tabloid journalist named Wayne Gale, who seeks to exploit her story for his own gain. She is also pursued by a vengeful detective, Jack Scagnetti, who seeks to bring her and Mickey to justice.

Mallory's character is often seen as a commentary on the media's fascination with violence and the glamorization of criminals. Her story is presented in a highly stylized and visually inventive manner, with a range of cinematic techniques used to explore her psyche and the impact of her actions on the world around her.

Lewis's performance as Mallory was widely praised by critics, who noted her ability to bring nuance and depth to the character. The film has since become a cult classic and is regarded as a landmark of American cinema.