Maria Elena is a character in the 1972 Western film "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean." She is played by Victoria Principal and is a famous stage actress and singer who becomes the object of Judge Roy Bean's obsession.

Maria Elena first appears in the movie as a performer on stage, where she catches the attention of Bean, who is played by Paul Newman. Bean becomes infatuated with Maria Elena and begins to pursue her, despite her clear disinterest. At one point, he even kidnaps her and holds her captive in his home.

Despite the danger she is in, Maria Elena remains strong and defiant, refusing to give in to Bean's advances or allow him to control her. She eventually manages to escape from him and return to her career in the theater, despite Bean's attempts to find and recapture her.

Maria Elena is an important character in the film, as she represents a powerful and independent woman who refuses to be controlled by the men around her. Victoria Principal's portrayal of the character is notable for its beauty and grace, as well as Maria Elena's strength and resilience in the face of Bean's unwanted attention.