Megan Turner (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is the main character in the 1990 thriller movie "Blue Steel" directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Megan is a rookie New York City police officer who finds herself in the midst of a terrifying and dangerous situation after she shoots a would-be robber in self-defense.

As Megan investigates a series of murders committed by a psychopathic commodities trader named Eugene Hunt (played by Ron Silver), she becomes increasingly obsessed with him. Megan's obsession with Hunt puts her at risk both professionally and personally, and she is forced to confront him in a violent showdown that tests her skills as a police officer and her moral boundaries.

Megan is portrayed as a strong, intelligent, and capable police officer who is determined to do her job well, despite the challenges she faces. She is also shown to be vulnerable, struggling with the aftermath of the shooting and her growing obsession with Hunt.

Throughout the film, Megan's character is forced to confront complex issues related to gender dynamics, power, and corruption within law enforcement. Her journey is both thrilling and thought-provoking, making Megan an interesting and compelling character in the film.