Samantha Caine, played by Geena Davis, is the main character in the 1996 action-thriller movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight." When the film begins, Samantha is a schoolteacher living a quiet life in a small town, but she begins to experience strange flashes of memory that suggest she has a mysterious past.

As Samantha investigates her past, she discovers that she was once a highly trained CIA assassin named Charly Baltimore. Samantha/Charly has an impressive set of skills, including martial arts, sharpshooting, and hand-to-hand combat, which she gradually begins to remember and utilize as she confronts her former enemies.

Despite her amnesia, Samantha is a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman who quickly adapts to the dangerous situation she finds herself in. She is determined to uncover the truth about her past and protect herself and her daughter, Caitlin, who becomes a target of her former enemies.

Samantha's relationship with private detective Mitch Henessey, played by Samuel L. Jackson, provides some humor and levity throughout the movie, as the two characters have a witty and sarcastic banter. Together, they work to unravel the conspiracy that threatens Samantha's life and ultimately bring her former employers to justice.

Overall, Samantha Caine is a complex and intriguing character, who goes on a journey of self-discovery and transformation throughout the movie, ultimately revealing her true identity as a powerful and skilled operative.