Selina Kyle, also known as "Catwoman," is a character in the 2012 superhero film "The Dark Knight Rises," portrayed by Anne Hathaway. In the film, Selina is a skilled thief and cat burglar who becomes an ally to Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in his fight against the villainous Bane (Tom Hardy).

Selina is first introduced as a mysterious figure who steals from wealthy Gotham City residents, including Bruce Wayne. She is shown to be clever, resourceful, and skilled in combat and acrobatics. Despite being a criminal, Selina has a moral code and often acts to protect herself and others from harm.

As the story progresses, Selina becomes more deeply involved in the conflict between Batman and Bane, eventually teaming up with Batman and his allies to save Gotham from destruction. She and Batman also develop a romantic relationship, although it is complicated by their differing ideologies and personal struggles.

Throughout the film, Selina is portrayed as a complex and dynamic character, who is not easily defined by traditional hero or villain archetypes. Her partnership with Batman provides an interesting contrast between her streetwise pragmatism and his more idealistic and symbolic approach to crimefighting.

Overall, Selina is an important character in "The Dark Knight Rises," providing a strong and capable female lead alongside Christian Bale's Batman. Anne Hathaway's performance was praised by critics for her portrayal of the character's wit, physicality, and emotional depth.