Slim Hiller

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Slim Hiller is the main character in the 2002 thriller film "Enough", portrayed by Jennifer Lopez. Slim is a working-class waitress who falls in love with and marries wealthy contractor Mitch Hiller, played by Billy Campbell. However, Slim's life turns into a nightmare when she discovers that her husband is abusive and controlling.

Throughout the film, Slim is depicted as a strong and determined woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her daughter from her abusive husband. After suffering years of abuse, she decides to leave Mitch and take her daughter Gracie with her. However, she quickly realizes that Mitch is not willing to let her go, and she takes self-defense classes and trains in combat in order to protect herself and her daughter.

Slim is a complex character who is torn between her love for her daughter and her fear of her husband. She struggles with feelings of guilt and shame, believing that she somehow caused her husband's abusive behavior. However, she ultimately finds the strength to fight back against her husband and to protect herself and her daughter.

The character of Slim is often cited as an empowering figure for women who have experienced domestic abuse. The film has been praised for its portrayal of a strong and resilient woman who is able to overcome adversity and take control of her own life.