Tasha Dexter

IMDb Profile


Tasha Dexter is a fictional character in the action-comedy TV series "V.I.P.", portrayed by actress Molly Culver. Tasha is one of the main characters in the series and serves as a bodyguard for Vallery Irons (played by Pamela Anderson), the owner of the V.I.P. bodyguard agency.

Tasha is a skilled fighter and weapons expert, with a tough exterior and a no-nonsense attitude. She is often the voice of reason among the group and is known for her loyalty to her friends and colleagues.

Throughout the series, Tasha is shown to be a highly capable and dependable member of the V.I.P. team. She is often involved in the action scenes, engaging in hand-to-hand combat and using various weapons to protect her clients and colleagues.

In addition to her role as a bodyguard, Tasha also has a personal storyline in the series, including a romantic relationship with the character Quick Williams (played by Shaun Baker).

Overall, Tasha Dexter is a beloved character among fans of "V.I.P.", known for her tough, no-nonsense attitude, and her ability to hold her own in any situation.