In the movie "Mercenaries," Ulrika is a skilled and deadly member of a team of mercenaries hired by the United States government to take down a notorious terrorist leader in a war-torn country. Ulrika is portrayed by actress Gina Carano.

Ulrika is a tough and fearless fighter who is known for her expertise in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. She is also highly intelligent and resourceful, and is often the one who comes up with the team's strategies and plans.

Throughout the movie, Ulrika forms a strong bond with her fellow mercenaries, particularly with Samantha, played by actress Kristanna Loken. Together, the two women prove to be an unstoppable force as they take on the terrorists and their henchmen.

Ulrika is a complex character who is revealed to have a tragic past, having lost her family to violence and war. This backstory gives her a sense of depth and humanity, and makes her even more determined to succeed in her mission and protect her fellow mercenaries.

Overall, Ulrika is a powerful and memorable character in "Mercenaries," and Gina Carano's portrayal of her is praised for its intensity and authenticity.