Wai Lin is a character in the 1997 James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies." She is played by Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh and is a Chinese secret agent who teams up with James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan) to stop a media mogul, Elliot Carver (played by Jonathan Pryce), from starting a war between the UK and China.

Wai Lin is portrayed as a highly skilled and capable agent, proficient in martial arts and adept at using various weapons. She is also shown to be intelligent, resourceful, and independent. Throughout the film, she works closely with Bond to uncover Carver's plot and prevent a global conflict.

Despite initial tensions between the two agents, Bond and Wai Lin eventually develop a mutual respect and attraction. They work together to fight off Carver's henchmen, engage in high-speed chases, and engage in various other action-packed sequences. Wai Lin also plays a key role in the film's climax, where she helps Bond stop Carver's plan and prevent a war between the UK and China.

Wai Lin's character is notable for being one of the few female characters in the James Bond franchise to play a major action-oriented role. She is also one of the few Bond girls who is portrayed as an equal to Bond in terms of skill and intelligence.