In the movie "Undercover Brother," the character "White She Devil" is played by actress Denise Richards. She is a high-ranking employee at a corporation called The Man, which is the main antagonist of the movie.

White She Devil is portrayed as a seductive and cunning woman who is one of the main henchmen of The Man. She uses her sexuality and charm to manipulate men and further the agenda of The Man. However, she becomes romantically involved with Undercover Brother, the hero of the movie, and begins to question her loyalty to The Man.

Throughout the movie, White She Devil engages in various comedic and action-packed sequences, including a fight scene with Undercover Brother where they both use martial arts and bizarre weapons. Ultimately, she joins forces with Undercover Brother and the other members of The Brotherhood to defeat The Man and save the world from his evil plans.

The character of White She Devil is a satirical take on the femme fatale trope that is common in action and spy movies. Her name and appearance also play on racial stereotypes and the idea of a white woman being the ultimate seductress. However, the movie ultimately subverts these stereotypes by showing that White She Devil is a complex character who can have her own motivations and desires, and is not simply a one-dimensional villain.