Hart to Hart (1979)

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"Hart to Hart" is an American television series that aired from 1979 to 1984. The show follows the lives of Jonathan Hart (played by Robert Wagner), a wealthy CEO of a global conglomerate, and his wife Jennifer Hart (played by Stefanie Powers), a freelance journalist. The couple solve crimes together, often with the help of their loyal butler, Max (played by Lionel Stander).

The show is known for its luxurious settings, glamorous fashion, and witty dialogue. Each episode features the Harts becoming embroiled in a mystery, often involving high society and international intrigue. They use their wealth, charm, and intelligence to solve the crime and bring the culprit to justice.

Throughout the series, the relationship between Jonathan and Jennifer is a central theme. The couple are deeply in love and their relationship is portrayed as one of equals, with both partners bringing their unique skills to the table. Jennifer is portrayed as a strong, intelligent woman who is not afraid to take risks, while Jonathan is depicted as a suave and sophisticated gentleman who is also a shrewd businessman.

The show was a popular and critical success during its run and is remembered as a classic example of 1980s television. It has since gained a cult following and has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years.