The Protégé (2021)

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"The Protege" is a 2021 action-thriller film directed by Martin Campbell. The movie stars Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Keaton in leading roles. It follows the story of Anna Dutton (played by Maggie Q), a highly skilled contract killer who becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy.

Anna was raised by Moody (Samuel L. Jackson), an assassin who took her in as a child after her family was murdered. Moody trained Anna to become a proficient killer, and she now works as a contract assassin herself. When Moody is killed, Anna sets out to seek revenge and uncover the truth behind his death.

During her investigation, Anna crosses paths with Rembrandt (Michael Keaton), a skilled and enigmatic assassin. As they confront each other, they soon discover a deeper connection and realize they share a dark past. Together, they navigate a web of betrayal, secrets, and deadly encounters as they dig deeper into the conspiracy that led to Moody's demise.

"The Protege" combines intense action sequences with a suspenseful storyline, offering a blend of thrilling moments and unexpected twists. The film showcases Maggie Q's martial arts skills and showcases her ability to portray a strong and determined female protagonist. Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton deliver captivating performances, adding depth to their respective characters.

Released in 2021, "The Protege" received mixed reviews from critics. While the film was praised for its action sequences and the performances of the cast, some critics felt that the plot and character development were lacking. However, it still managed to find an audience that appreciated its action-packed nature and the chemistry between the lead actors.

Overall, "The Protege" is an action-thriller that revolves around an assassin seeking justice and unraveling a conspiracy. With its talented cast and intense action sequences, the film offers an entertaining experience for fans of the genre.