Daliah Lavi

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Daliah Lavi was an Israeli actress, singer, and model. She was born on October 12, 1942, in Shavei Zion, British Mandate Palestine (now Israel), and passed away on May 3, 2017, in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Lavi began her career as a model in Israel and later moved to Hollywood in the 1960s to pursue acting. She appeared in several films, including "The Silencers" (1966), "Casino Royale" (1967), and "Some Girls Do" (1969), where she played the lead roles.

Besides acting, Lavi also had a career as a singer. She released several albums in the 1960s and 1970s, and her song "Willst Du Mit Mir Gehn" became a hit in Germany in 1971.

In her personal life, Lavi was married three times and had three children. She was also an advocate for environmental causes and worked to raise awareness about climate change.

Daliah Lavi was a talented and versatile performer who made significant contributions to both the entertainment industry and the world of music.