The Detainer

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"The Detainer" is a fictional character from the 1967 film "Casino Royale". She is played by actress Daliah Lavi.

In the film, The Detainer is a spy who works for British intelligence. She is introduced as a "master of seduction" who uses her charms to extract information from her targets. Her name is a play on words, as she is often tasked with detaining or distracting her targets while other agents carry out their missions.

The Detainer's role in the film is somewhat limited, as she appears in only a few scenes. However, she is a memorable character due to her striking appearance and flirtatious demeanor. In one memorable scene, she engages in a game of strip-poker with several other characters, including James Bond, played by David Niven.

Overall, The Detainer is an example of the film's zany and over-the-top style, which sets it apart from other entries in the James Bond franchise. While her character may not be as well-known as some of the other Bond girls, she remains a memorable part of the film's cast.