Agent 99 (II)

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Agent 99 is a character in the classic American television series "Get Smart," played by actress Barbara Feldon. The character is the love interest and partner of the main character, Maxwell Smart, a bumbling spy working for the top-secret organization CONTROL.

Agent 99's real name is never revealed in the show. She is known for her intelligence, quick wit, and beauty. She is also highly skilled in combat and espionage, often coming to Max's rescue when he finds himself in danger.

Throughout the show's five-season run, Agent 99 plays a central role in helping Max thwart the evil plans of the rival spy agency KAOS. She is often the voice of reason in Max's zany adventures and is portrayed as a competent and capable agent in her own right.

Agent 99's relationship with Max is a key part of the show's appeal. Their banter and chemistry often provide comedic relief in the midst of tense situations, and their romantic subplot adds an extra layer of interest to the show.

Overall, Agent 99 is a memorable character in television history, known for her intelligence, beauty, and wit, as well as her skills as a spy and combatant. She remains a beloved character among fans of the show and is considered a trailblazer for female characters in television.