Get Smart (1965)

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"Get Smart" is a classic American comedy television series that originally aired from 1965 to 1970. Created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the show starred Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, a bumbling and incompetent spy working for the top-secret organization, CONTROL, who is tasked with thwarting the evil plans of KAOS, a rival spy agency.

The show was known for its zany humor and slapstick comedy, often parodying the spy genre and popular culture of the time. Each episode followed Max Smart as he stumbled his way through various missions, usually with the help of his more competent partner, Agent 99 (played by Barbara Feldon).

"Get Smart" was highly influential and popular during its original run, and it has remained a cult classic and a beloved example of 1960s television. The show's combination of satire, silliness, and social commentary has made it a favorite of comedy fans and pop culture enthusiasts.

"Get Smart" was also adapted into a feature film in 2008, with Steve Carell playing Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway playing Agent 99. While the film received mixed reviews, it was a box office success and helped introduce a new generation to the characters and humor of the original series.