Mary Stuart Masterson played the character of Anita Crown in the movie "Bad Girls." Anita is one of the four lead characters in the film, along with Cody Zamora (played by Sharon Stone), Eileen Spenser (played by Madeleine Stowe), and Lily Laronette (played by Drew Barrymore).

Anita is a tough and skilled gunslinger who joins the other women in their journey as they navigate through various dangerous situations. She is initially hesitant to trust the others, but eventually forms a close bond with them and becomes a loyal member of their group. Throughout the course of the film, Anita also confronts some of her personal demons and learns to embrace her own sense of identity and self-worth.

Mary Stuart Masterson's portrayal of Anita in "Bad Girls" was praised by critics for her strong performance and her ability to convey both the character's strength and her vulnerability. Masterson's physicality and her tough demeanor were also highlighted as standout aspects of her performance.