Domino Petachi

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Domino Petachi is a fictional character in the James Bond film "Thunderball" (1965), based on the Ian Fleming novel of the same name. She is played by Claudine Auger and is one of the Bond girls of the franchise.

Domino is the sister of a murdered Italian count and is depicted as a beautiful and independent woman who is drawn into the world of espionage when she becomes involved with Bond (played by Sean Connery). Throughout the film, she proves to be a resourceful and fearless ally to Bond, as they work together to stop a criminal organization from using stolen nuclear warheads.

In "Thunderball", Domino is depicted as being strong-willed, confident, and independent, and she is not afraid to stand up to Bond and others who try to control her. Her beauty and charm are a major asset, and she uses her wit and cunning to help Bond in his mission. Claudine Auger's performance as Domino is notable for her sensuality and elegance, and she adds a touch of glamour to the film's exciting world of espionage and adventure.