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Yelena is a fictional character in the 2002 action film "xXx". She is played by actress Asia Argento.

Yelena is depicted as a Russian secret agent who has been assigned to keep an eye on the film's main character, Xander Cage (played by Vin Diesel). Initially, she appears to be a loyal agent working for the Russian government, but as the film progresses, it becomes clear that she has her own agenda and motivations. Throughout the film, Yelena proves to be a skilled fighter and marksman, and she is depicted as being cunning, resourceful, and independent.

Despite her initially cold and distant demeanor, Yelena's character becomes more complex and nuanced as the film progresses, and she is depicted as having a strong sense of loyalty and a willingness to take risks to protect those she cares about. Asia Argento's performance as Yelena is notable for its energy, intensity, and sex appeal, and she adds a touch of glamour and excitement to the film's fast-paced world of espionage and adventure.