Ellen is a character who appeared in the 1959 episode of the TV series "U.S. Marshal" titled "The Manhunters". She was portrayed by actress Donna Douglas.

In the episode, Ellen is a young woman who is kidnapped by a group of escaped convicts. The convicts are on the run from the law and are seeking refuge in a remote cabin. U.S. Marshal Frank Morgan (played by John Bromfield) is tasked with tracking down the convicts and rescuing Ellen.

Ellen is portrayed as a strong and resourceful character, who tries to find ways to escape from her captors. She also develops a romantic interest in Frank Morgan, which adds an extra layer of tension and drama to the story.

Donna Douglas' performance as Ellen was praised by critics, who noted her ability to convey fear and vulnerability, as well as her chemistry with John Bromfield. While Ellen was only a one-off character in the series, she played an important role in the "The Manhunters" episode and helped to make it one of the most memorable episodes of the show.