Trixie is one of the three main characters in the movie "Bitch Slap." She is played by Julia Voth and is portrayed as a tough, smart, and resourceful woman with a talent for hacking and stealing.

Trixie is introduced as the brains of the trio and is tasked with cracking the safe where a valuable diamond is kept. She is confident and assertive, but she also has a vulnerable side, which is shown in her backstory. She is revealed to have a complicated past involving abuse and drug addiction, which has left her with a deep-seated mistrust of men.

Throughout the movie, Trixie is shown to have a close relationship with the other two main characters, Hel and Camero. Together, they form a bond of sisterhood and loyalty that helps them overcome the obstacles they face.

Trixie is known for her quirky sense of humor and her sarcastic one-liners, which add to the film's overall campy tone. She also gets involved in some of the film's most outrageous and violent scenes, showcasing her physical abilities and fearlessness.

Overall, Trixie is a complex and memorable character who stands out among the movie's colorful cast of characters.