Felicity Shagwell is a character in the 1999 film "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," the second installment in the Austin Powers franchise. She is played by American actress Heather Graham.

Felicity Shagwell is a CIA agent who is assigned to work with Austin Powers to stop Dr. Evil's plans to take over the world. Felicity is portrayed as a confident, capable, and independent woman who is also sexually adventurous, which leads to a romantic relationship with Austin.

Throughout the film, Felicity is shown to be a skilled spy, and she plays a crucial role in several action sequences, including a memorable scene in which she and Austin fight off a group of henchmen while riding a moving bed.

Felicity's character is a nod to the popular British TV series "The Avengers" and its female protagonist, Emma Peel, who was known for her intelligence, athleticism, and stylish outfits. Felicity's name, "Shagwell," is also a playful reference to the British slang term "shag," which means "to have sex."

Overall, Felicity Shagwell is a memorable and iconic character in the Austin Powers franchise, known for her wit, charm, and action-oriented spirit.