Dee Dee McCall

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Dee Dee McCall is a fictional character in the television series "Hunter", which aired from 1984 to 1991. She was played by actress Stepfanie Kramer. Dee Dee is a Sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department's Homicide Division and the partner of Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter, played by Fred Dryer.

Dee Dee is a strong, independent, and highly skilled detective who is respected by her colleagues. She is often called upon to handle cases involving women and children, and is known for her empathy and sensitivity in dealing with victims of crime. She is also a skilled negotiator and is often called upon to defuse tense situations.

Throughout the series, Dee Dee is portrayed as a tough and capable detective who is able to hold her own in the male-dominated world of law enforcement. She is also shown to have a vulnerable side, particularly in her personal relationships. She struggles with trust issues and has difficulty opening up to others, which is often a source of conflict between her and Hunter.

Dee Dee is known for her sharp wit and sense of humor, and she often engages in playful banter with Hunter. Despite their differences, the two have a close and supportive partnership, and their dynamic is a key part of the show's appeal.

Dee Dee McCall is regarded as a groundbreaking character in television, as she was one of the first female characters to be portrayed as a skilled and competent detective. She is remembered as a feminist icon and a trailblazer for strong female characters in television.