Frenchy, played by Marlene Dietrich, is a key character in the film "Destry Rides Again". She is a saloon singer and dancer who works at the Last Chance Saloon in the town of Bottleneck. Frenchy is initially shown as being loyal to the corrupt mayor and his gang, but she becomes attracted to Destry (played by James Stewart) and ultimately helps him in his mission to clean up the town.

Frenchy is a complex character who is torn between her loyalty to her employers and her growing feelings for Destry. She is also shown to have a past with the corrupt mayor, and her relationship with him is one of the sources of conflict in the film. Despite her tough exterior, Frenchy is also portrayed as vulnerable and ultimately sympathetic, as she struggles to navigate the dangerous world of Bottleneck and find her own path in life.

Marlene Dietrich's performance as Frenchy is considered one of her most iconic roles. She brings a combination of glamour, toughness, and vulnerability to the character, and her scenes with James Stewart are among the highlights of the film. Frenchy's character also reflects the changing roles of women in Hollywood films of the era, as she is shown as being strong and independent, yet still vulnerable and in need of protection.