Marie Kolverer, X27

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Marie Kolverer, also known as "X-27", is the main character in the 1931 spy film "Dishonored", played by Marlene Dietrich. She is a young Austrian woman who is falsely accused of prostitution and recruited as a spy for the Austrian Secret Service during World War I.

Marie is initially reluctant to become a spy, but she accepts the mission when she is promised that her criminal record will be expunged. She is trained as a spy and sent to infiltrate a Russian spy ring, where she is tasked with seducing Colonel Kranau, a Russian military attaché. However, Marie falls in love with Kranau and must choose between her loyalty to her country and her feelings for him.

Marie is a complex character who is both strong and vulnerable. She is intelligent, resourceful, and skilled in the arts of espionage, but she is also torn between her duty to her country and her personal feelings. Marlene Dietrich's performance as Marie is considered one of her best, and she brings a combination of glamour, toughness, and vulnerability to the character.

Marie's story in "Dishonored" reflects the changing roles of women in Hollywood films of the era, as she is shown as being strong and independent, yet still subject to the expectations and limitations of a patriarchal society. The film is notable for its portrayal of a female spy protagonist, which was rare in Hollywood films of the time, and for its themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and patriotism.