Gloria Swenson

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Gloria Swenson is the title character and protagonist of the 1980 crime drama film "Gloria," directed by John Cassavetes and played by Gena Rowlands. Gloria is a tough-talking, street-smart woman living in New York City who becomes entangled with a young boy named Phil after he witnesses a murder committed by the mob.

Gloria takes Phil under her wing and goes on the run with him, using her wit and connections to stay one step ahead of the gangsters who are after them. Although initially reluctant to get involved, Gloria becomes increasingly attached to Phil and feels responsible for protecting him.

Throughout the film, Gloria is portrayed as a fiercely independent woman who refuses to be intimidated by the men who are pursuing her. She is resourceful and quick-thinking, using her knowledge of the city and her connections to outsmart the mob at every turn.

Gena Rowlands' performance as Gloria is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the film, and the character has become an icon of female empowerment in cinema. The character of Gloria has been cited as a feminist role model, representing a woman who is both strong and vulnerable, and who defies traditional gender roles in her pursuit of justice and protection of the innocent.