Suzie Toller

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Suzie Toller is one of the main characters in the movie "Wild Things". She is portrayed by Canadian actress Neve Campbell.

Suzie is a high school student in the fictional South Florida town of Blue Bay. She accuses her guidance counselor, Sam Lombardo (played by Matt Dillon), of rape along with her classmate Kelly (played by Denise Richards). However, it later emerges that the accusation was part of an elaborate scheme to extort money from Lombardo.

Throughout the movie, Suzie is portrayed as a manipulative and cunning character who uses her sexuality to get what she wants. She is shown to be in a secret relationship with Kelly and is willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure their plan is successful.

Despite her questionable motives, Suzie is portrayed as a sympathetic character who has been mistreated in the past. She ultimately helps to reveal the truth about the conspiracy against Lombardo and plays a pivotal role in the film's dramatic conclusion.