Mary Goodnight is a character in the 1974 James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun." She is played by Swedish actress Britt Ekland.

Goodnight is a British secret service agent who works closely with James Bond in his mission to track down and capture the film's villain, Francisco Scaramanga. Despite her intelligence and training, she is often portrayed as somewhat clumsy and inept, leading Bond to frequently question her abilities.

Throughout the film, Goodnight serves as a love interest for Bond, and the two share several romantic moments. However, their relationship is often complicated by Goodnight's insistence on following protocol and Bond's tendency to operate outside of the rules.

Despite her shortcomings, Goodnight ultimately proves herself to be a valuable asset in Bond's mission. She is instrumental in helping him locate Scaramanga's secret hideout, and even saves Bond's life during a tense confrontation.

Goodnight is a memorable character in the James Bond series, known for her charm and wit, as well as her ability to hold her own in a male-dominated profession.