Soolin is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series "Blake's 7." She appears in the show's final season, which aired from 1981 to 1982. The character is played by actress Glynis Barber.

Soolin is a skilled fighter and marksman who joins the crew of the Liberator after they rescue her from a group of bounty hunters. She is initially aloof and distant from the other members of the crew, but over time she forms closer relationships with them.

Soolin is a complex character who has had a difficult past, having lost both her parents and her brother to the Federation's secret police force. This has left her with a deep distrust of authority and a desire for revenge against the Federation.

Despite her tough exterior, Soolin is shown to have a compassionate side and is often the voice of reason among the crew. She is also an important asset to the team, using her skills as a fighter and marksman to help them on their missions.

Soolin is an interesting addition to the cast of "Blake's 7," bringing a new dynamic to the group and adding to the show's exploration of themes such as revenge, loyalty, and trust. Her character is well-liked by fans of the show, who appreciate her toughness and independence as well as her nuanced personality.