Kat Morgan is a character in the 2014 action film "Mercenaries," portrayed by American actress Kristanna Loken. She is one of the members of the all-female mercenary team led by Raven (played by Zoƫ Bell).

Kat is depicted as a highly skilled sniper and former U.S. Marine who joins the team on their mission to rescue a high-ranking official from a war-torn country. Despite her tough exterior and combat skills, Kat is also shown to have a more vulnerable side, as she deals with the aftermath of a traumatic experience from her past.

Throughout the film, Kat plays an important role in the team's efforts to navigate the dangerous terrain and complete their mission. She also forms a close bond with Raven, with the two women developing a deep respect and admiration for each other's abilities and leadership.

As the team faces increasingly difficult challenges and betrayals, Kat remains a loyal and dedicated member of the group, determined to see the mission through to the end. Her character is portrayed as a strong and capable woman, who is not afraid to take risks and use her skills to protect herself and her teammates.