Jane Vasco is the titular character of the television series "Painkiller Jane". She is portrayed by American actress Kristanna Loken.

Jane Vasco is a former DEA agent who gains the ability to rapidly heal from injuries after being exposed to a genetic weapon. She decides to use her newfound powers to become a vigilante and take down dangerous criminals and other threats to society.

Despite her tough exterior and willingness to use force, Jane is also shown to have a compassionate side, often going out of her way to help those in need. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and colleagues, including Dr. Seth Carpenter (played by Noah Danby) and Riley Jensen (played by Sean Owen Roberts), who work alongside her in their efforts to stop dangerous individuals with superhuman abilities.

Over the course of the series, Jane's powers continue to evolve, allowing her to withstand even more extreme physical trauma. However, she also faces significant challenges, including the psychological toll of constantly putting herself in danger, as well as struggles with addiction and the emotional fallout of her past experiences.

Despite these obstacles, Jane remains committed to her mission and continues to fight for justice, often taking on dangerous enemies with little regard for her own safety. Her character is portrayed as a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to take risks and do whatever it takes to protect those around her.