Kris Munroe was a character in the TV series "Charlie's Angels." She was played by actress Cheryl Ladd and first appeared in the show's second season. Kris was the younger sister of fellow Angel Jill Munroe, who had left the agency to pursue other opportunities. Kris was recruited by Charlie to fill her sister's place and quickly proved to be a valuable member of the team.

Kris was portrayed as smart, athletic, and skilled in martial arts. She was also portrayed as having a sensitive and compassionate nature, which often helped her connect with the clients and victims they encountered during their investigations. Kris was well-liked by her fellow Angels, especially Sabrina and Kelly, and she formed a close bond with fellow Angel Tiffany Welles, who joined the team later in the series. Overall, Kris Munroe was an important and popular character in the "Charlie's Angels" franchise.