Maggie Hayward / Nina

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Maggie is the main character in the 1993 action film "Point of No Return". She is played by actress Bridget Fonda. In the film, Maggie is a junkie and thief who is given the chance to start a new life as a government assassin. Throughout the film, Maggie is trained in the art of killing and is sent on a series of dangerous missions. Despite her rough exterior and criminal past, Maggie is depicted as a complex and vulnerable character who is searching for redemption and a sense of purpose. Her relationships with her handler, played by Gabriel Byrne, and the other characters in the film add depth and interest to the story, and her journey from criminal to assassin is filled with twists and turns. Overall, Maggie is a well-written and memorable character who is brought to life by Bridget Fonda's powerful performance.